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Soft Loop & Strut

What makes these soft loop struts unique is the mounting slot for the soft loop.  It allows for infinate adjustability of ride height and cant within the 1" long slot.  This allows the user to adjust the ride to exactly where it needs to be.  The nibs along the sides of the slot grab the soft loop to allow the ride and cant to be adjusted and once set the loop cannot slide or rotate.  On the back side, around the soft loop mounting points are ridges of material that are designed not only to stiffen the part, but to prevent the soft loop mounting hardware from contacting and potentially damaging holsters or pistols.  There are three attachment points on the leg of the strut spaced 15mm apart center to center.  The middle attachment point is a slot and allows the strut to be rotated for cant adjustment of about ten degrees in either direction.  Makes the holster tuckable.


  • Clips are sold individually.
  • Does not include hardware.

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