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Mag Carriers

When you need a reliable mag carrier, look no further than the options available from LAS Concealment. We sell several types, including: 

  • The Ensō. This multi-fit mag carrier is available in an array of sizes, ensuring you can find the right option for a Glock, Staccato, Metal Mag, or a 1911. It's available for both righties and lefties; if you want a right version, you grab the gun with your right hand but the mag with your left. Conversely, if your dominant hand is your left, then you'll want to be able to grab the mag with your right hand. You can choose to increase the height for this appendix inside the waistband carry. You receive a mag carrier, LAS metal overhook, multi-fit retention device, and hardware with your purchase. 
  • The MC Covert 2.0. Fabricated with the most durable materials, you receive a mag carrier, a LAS FOMI belt clip, a multi-fit retention device, and hardware in your purchase. This option is a versatile investment, as it's designed for both OWB or IWB and is adjustable to allow different types of mags to store safely within one carrier. 
  • The OWB MC. If you need a mag carrier for OWB, this is the purchase for you. A mag carrier, belt lok or mole lok, multi-fit retention device, and hardware are included. You can use the OWB MC on its own or in conjunction with another belt attachment.

Our team is always happy to help our customers find the mag carriers for their needs. Reach out to us with any questions. 

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