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When you need hardware for your gun holsters, the experts at LAS Concealment have you covered. We offer a wide range of options, including Tear Drop Foam Wedges, Flat Tear Drop Foam Wedges, IWB Overhook Struts, Discreet Carry Overhook Concepts, and Soft Loops and Struts. We also have belt clips, ModWings, and screw and hardware kits if you need to complete or fix your holster. 

Discreet Overhook Struts & Muzzle Pads for Gun Holsters

Our Foam Wedges are muzzle pads that work with most service pistol-sized holsters. They help improve the look and functionality of your holster, adding an extra layer between your holster and body. They’re about as firm as a yoga block pad. 

Our IWB Overhooked Struts are made by injection molding and easily snap over nearly any size belt. Despite their durability, they release seamlessly when you need them to. Meanwhile, our Discreet Carry Overhook can fit nearly any hole spacing, and our Soft Loop Struts adjust the holster ride to whatever is most comfortable for you. 

Our Blet Clips can be used on several types of holsters and are available in two convenient sizes. 

The ModWing gives gun owners the advantage of having the grip of their firearm pointed towards them, making it easier to grab your gun when you need it most. 

To learn more about our products, click the product image or contact us with questions. We have years of experience fabricating our patented holster designs, and we will help you determine the perfect type of holster for your carrying needs. 

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