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Ronin-L 2.0 (light bearing)

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The Ronin-L 2.0 is an appendix carry inside the waistband holster and mag rig, used overseas in combat operations by members of the US Army Special Operations, Federal agents, SWAT team members, gang units and countless other "plain clothes" teams.


  • 3D CAD designed
  • CNC machined tooling.  ZERO "off the shelf" molds used
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable retention (weapon and magazine)
  • Ambi magazine carrier
  • Concealment wing to tuck the grip into the body
  • Suppressor height sight compatible
  • Made in the USA by veterans.
  • Light-bearing version of the Ronin 2.0


  • 2x tuckable overhooks
  • Hardware
  • RCS claw

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