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Why Carry LAS

LAS: Intentional, Intelligent, Visionary

The vision of LAS is centered on building a holster brand that customers can trust with their lives by manufacturing consistent and forward-thinking products. LAS puts every one of our products through rigorous testing before it is released to the public. Our goal is to equip consumers not only with a quality holster, but the promise of reliability as they step out into the world carrying LAS. 

As our name denotes, our top priority is safety. We are an Arizona-based company that strives to distinguish our brand and community of customers from the often distorted media depiction of gun owners. The LAS ethos is one of high moral and ethical standards in concealed carry. We aim to exhibit the highest degree of integrity as we outfit consumers with holsters for use in their profession and/or daily lives. 

LAS: The Future

Today, LAS is known as an industry leader in concealed carry holsters and continues to grow by the day. We take great pride in this fact and offer our sincerest thanks to the diverse community of customers who have helped build our brand through sharing about their product experiences. We appreciate every ounce of support for our vision and pledge our continued excellence in meeting every customer’s concealed carry needs. 

As we look toward the future, we see opportunity for additional growth in terms of both production and brand awareness. We are confident that LAS has secured its place as a leader in our industry but we also acknowledge that there is neither time nor space for complacency. LAS is committed to innovation and the intelligent application of new strategies to help our customers protect that which they hold most dear. We invite you to stay connected with us as we continue on the journey. 

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