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Our Story

Jeff Quan, Owner & CEO
I first developed an interest in handgun self defense in 2008. The area in which I lived was experiencing an increase in crime and I became concerned with my own ability to protect myself and loved ones if the unfortunate need arose. I began building relationships with reputable firearms instructors and taking handgun training courses in my area. I quickly became immersed in a growing community of handgun owners who prided themselves on safe handling and discovery of new ways to improve standard practice. 

As my personal capacity and passion for handgun self defense evolved, I began to notice some inconsistencies in my gear. This was most notable in the design and assembly of Kydex holsters. It seemed as though these holsters were causing safety issues instead of remedying them. This piqued my interest and I began an inquiry that would change my life forever.

Through countless hours of research, methodical testing, and honest dialogue with trainers, I worked to create a patented fabrication process that addressed the gaps in previous Kydex models. Aspects of the process seemed intuitive while others required innovative strategizing and the application of new technological tools. What resulted from an earnest desire to make concealed carry safer for myself and others, was a product that did just that.

Thus, in 2015, Loaded and Safe (LAS) Concealment was born. Today, our company has become an industry leader in meeting the concealed carry needs of those who value consistency and quality in their holsters. We continue to grow our team, expand our product base to better serve our customers, and take pride in the path that led to the establishment of Loaded and Safe Concealment.


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