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Ronin 3.0


  • Slimmest appendix rig on the market (holster + mag carrier)
  • Bungee cord design allows stability while being flexible with daily movement
  • Magazine carrier allows the mag to sit lower than ALL other designs
  • Magazine carrier features relief cuts to improve mag draw
  • Interchangeable magazine carrier
  • Proprietary CNC machined tooling.  ZERO "off the shelf" molds used
  • Concealment wing to tuck the grip into the body
  • Formed wing to slim down profile and work with the overhook
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable retention (weapon and magazine)
  • Ambi magazine carrier
  • Suppressor height sight compatible
  • Optic cut


Handguns coming soon:

  • CZ P10c
  • FN 509
  • S&W M2.0
  • SIG P320/X Five

Other handguns/lights will be added and we will be notifying customers by newsletter.  Sign up for the updates at the bottom of each page. Left handed options will also be added soon.

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