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1,000 lumens with the Surefire XH35

1,000 lumens with the Surefire XH35

The evolution of the Surefire tactical lights continues with the XH35.  Unlike the X300 series of lights, the XH35 light can be switched between “high” or “low” output and features a switch for a strobe effect. It is powered by two CR123As for a run time of 1.25 hours on 1000 lumens, and 2.5 hours on 300 lumens.

The light switch system remains, the same one used on the X300 series. Ambidextrous switches make activating the XH35 intuitive and user friendly no matter who is running the system.  The only improvements made on the switch system are at the rear of the body, switches are wider and shorter for improved ergonomics.

The XH35 can be attached to pistols or rifle rails with the B-style locking bar. The same system found on the X300U-B.  The XH35 can be securely attached to a handgun or a long gun with the T-slot mounting system. Universal and Picatinny crossbar wedges are included for simple efficient foolproof installation.

The XH35 has a high-strength aerospace aluminum body included in the mounting system that is Mil-Spec hard anodized for superior toughness with sealed O-ring, making it weatherproof for the field.

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