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Ronin R.S.

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Ronin R.S. (Roland Special)

Designed specifically for a Glock 19 with an attached comp & Surefire x300 (A/B and U), the Ronin R.S. is an appendix style holster with single mag carrier as one individual rig. Designed and modeled using 3D CAD and are CNC machined (in-house) to raise the level of quality consistently.

Handguns Added: Glock 19 w/ TLR1. M&P w/ x300U that works with M2.0 (4", 4.25" & 5") and 1st gen M&Ps.

Belt Attachment: RCS Overhooks (2 height positions, CANT options provided to allow large spacing for belt "buckle" clearance)

Adjustable Retention: Yes

Weapon Cant: Zero Degree (No Cant)

Magazine Cant: 10 Degree

Magazine Rounds Facing: Ambi (rounds facing forward or rearward)

Kydex Thickness: 0.080"

Description: Custom Order


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